Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Hospitalization!

Just regained my composure 2 hours after a fit with coughs, phlegm and shortness of breathing. Last Sept. 30 after the cardiac arrest episode at S & R Global City, after going to the ER of St.Luke's Global City and was transported by ambulance to Q.C., after learning that I had myocardial infarction and cardiac ischemia through ECG; I was admitted to St. Luke's Q.C. for further tests and observations.
I had to undergo angiogram where they had to open a large blood artery near my groin and insert a needle thin wire on order to put dye inside my heart to see the extent of blocked or damaged blood vessels and proceed with angioplasty (clearing the clots and placing supports on the arterial walls so it will not collapse and remain open so as not to restrict the flow of blood. It revealed 3 major blocks which could be remedied better by an open-heart surgery.
As I was being prepared for operation within the next few days then, I experienced days of fever and diarrhea making me dehydrated and weak, imagine going to the bathroom 16 times a day. Then I had to be injected in the belly dozens of times with insulin in different times of the day and even at night to control my high sugar levels (303 and the normal is 80-120 only). All my fingers were pricked 4x daily to see the blood sugar level. Then I was bombarded with anti-biotics to fight infection only to find out that I had pneumonia too in both of my lungs after a series of x-rays and ultrasounds which further revealed that my albumin and hemoglobin was low and I also have fatty liver. I also had sleepless nights to due difficulty in breathing and another chest pain episode. Oxygen is attached on my nose 24 hours dailt.
For a week I was not even allowed to stand to go to the bathroom until only today, where I can answer the call of nature but not to take a bath. Medicine to thin my blood is given daily so as not to trigger another arrest or even a stroke. Right now I have no craving for food which alarmed my nutritionists since my calorie intake is less than 20% of what is required. All of these factors delayed my operation ( which I wouldn't want to have in the 1st place).
We considered transferring to the Heart Center where another doctor made a second opinion but when my present cardiologist learned of our plan he reviewed my results and now agrees to have the angioplasty tomorrow instead of a bypass next week slashing the fee from P1M to P500K (where will I get such amount?)
God is Great! Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is His servant! My cardiologist just decided not to proceed with the angioplasty and transfer to another hospital since St. Luke's is asking for a substantial amount of deposit before the procedure. I will be allowed to rest at home while waiting to which hospital I will be transferring to and have the angioplasty.
I am now home since Saturday so kindly continue offering prayers for my well-being since I really want to resume my school duties and regular activities. Thanks to those who are still continuing with their prayers.