Tuesday, May 20, 2008

St. Lawrence Church


This is one of the more beautiful churches of Macau.
St. Lawrence Church was originally built of wood in the 1560, rebuilt in clay in 1618and finally reconstructed in stone around 1803.
Enter the church through a beautiful stone staircase and through an ornamental gate.
Inside you will find St. Lawrence Church surrounded by a garden filled with palm trees.
The church has twin towers and the nave is covered with Chinese tiles.
Enter St. Lawrence Church to appreciate the rich interior. Note the wooden ceiling in turquoise, white and gold beams, intricate woodwork and hanging chandeliers.
Get near the high alter to pray to St. Lawrence who is robed in rich vestments and accompanied by a small cherub.
Above the saint is a stained glass window with a dove of peace, a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

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