Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pastoral Letter Concerning the Apostolic Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Bishop of NovalichesThe Apostolic Catholic Church Circular 2008-05

To: All Parish Priest and Principals of All Diocesan and Congregational Schools in the Diocese of Novaliches

Our office has received several queries about the Apostolic Catholic Church. Parish Priests have complained that their priests go around our parishes soliciting funds sowing confusion to our Catholic Faithful, with their claim that the Apostolic Catholic Church is the same as the Roman Catholic Church. More often than not their priests call themselves as Bishops or Monsignors or simply Fathers after a little training. Usually, they appear well groomed in spotless white and thus seem more priestly than some of our Catholic priests. They also have sisters in long white robes.A fundamental principle in the work of ecumenism is to point out not only what is the same among the churches but also to accept honestly, even if sadly, that each is different from the other.As your Bishop, I want to inform all Catholics that the Apostolic Catholic Church is a cult founded by the mother of its present Patriarch, John Florentine L. Teruel. The cult deceivingly resembles the Roman Catholic Church because they have some vestiges of the true faith, like worship of the Triune God: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and devotion to our blessed Mother Mary under the title Ina ng Poong Bato. They recite the Rosary and make novenas. Also in a very particular way, they call God the Holy Spirit Ingkong. However, since the Apostolic Catholic Church does not accept the supremacy of the Pope of Rome but recognizes only Patriarch Teruel, the Apostolic Catholic Church thus is Schismatic Church. Its members therefore have ceased to be Roman Catholics. The Apostolic Catholic Church is thus, not the same as but is very different from the Roman Catholic Church we were all baptized into.This circular is to be read in all Sunday, including Anticipated Masses of April and May 2008.

Given in the Chancery in Fairview, Quezon City, this 1st day of April in the Year of our Lord, 2008.

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DDBishop

Attested by:Rev. Fr. Jaime S. LaraChancellor


ACC Member said...

The circular is a gross accusation and baseless. Check our official website for the REACTION of our Patriarch to this circular at or

themassmatters said...

It is good that the bishops are warning the faithful about this gross sect: even a look at the pictures of the "reincarnated" Mary as the call the founders Mother are frightening if not a blasphemy to compare a raving person to the sweet and holy Mother of God.

The devil never ceases causing confusion and this "Apostolic Church of "Ingkong" is just another such fake.