Saturday, April 5, 2008

Historic 2008 Triduum at the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines

It was a truly historic event which transpired in San Pablo, Laguna. A reconciliation between the Escudero Family and the San Pablo Diocese was done after 30 years of rift and misunderstanding. Although there were still to distinct processions, one by the Diocese and one by the Escudero group, the Salubong was done in one rite with the 2 groups in cooperation which culiminated with a solemn novus ordo Mass at rhe San Pablo Cathedral. Thanks to both sides (Don Ado Escudero and Bishop Drona) forbeing open to reconciliation. The Cathedral will now be remodeled according to tradition restoring the Altar Retablo Ad Orientem and paving the way to the celebration of Tridentine Masses once the altar has been constructed, thanks to the initiative of the Navarre -trained Vicar-General and Cathedral Rector of San Pablo Msgr. Melchor Barcenal as he told me during breakfast. He celebrated the dawn Easter Mass wearing the gold traditional Roman Chasuble (including the maniple!) and the deacon vested in traditional dalmatic. During the procession, all participating priests wore their black birretas and heavily embroidered capa pluviale (it is like being in the Pre-Vatican II era)! It was truly a marvel! Pray that the Tridentine Mass licitly invade the Diocese of San Pablo quickly.

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