Monday, February 4, 2008

Bringing Philippine Catholicism to Europe

St. Vitus Cathedral (where the relics of St. Wenceslas and St. John Nepomucene are venerated), Prague, Czech Republic

St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy.

The Heidelberg Schloss in Germany where Jose Rizal studied Opthalmology.

The City of Florence at the backgorund with the Duomo (Cathedral) at the center.

The famous Charlesbridge where St. John Nepomucene was martyred.

Before the Sarcophagus of the Relics of St. John Nepomucene at St. Vitus Cathedral.

At the Private Chapel of the Archbishop of Prague's Palace with the Archbishop's Secretary after he celebrated Mass for us. Replica of the "Nombre" at the background.

After Mass at OL of Victories (Prague, Czech Republic)were we received a replica of the Infant Jesus of Prague statue.

Seven years ago, a day after the infamous 911 where two planes deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center Tower of New York, a group of Flipino pilgrims under the auspices of the Congregacion del Stmo. Nombre del Nino Jesus, embarked on a pilgrimage to visit sites were their Catholic Faith and devotion originated. Countries were significant Catholic Shrines were visited include France, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and the Vatican City. Shrines visited in France were the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, Rue du Bac of the Miraculous Medal Apparitions, Lourdes, Rheims Catedral and Basilica. In Luxembourg the famous Cathedral of Our Lady of Consolation was visited while in Germany, the famous churches of Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Crossing the border towards the Czech Republic is the Shrine of the Infant Jesus in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral were the relics of St. John Nepomucene are venerated and the private Chapel in the palace of the Cardinal Archbishop of Prague were we had Latin Mass (Novus Ordo) celebrated "ad orientem" with Tagalog Hymns and readings in Czech which was historical according to the celebrant since it was the first time Tagalog hymns were sung in the chapel. Present during the Mass was the Philippine Lady Ambassador to the Czech Republic. After the Mass the Msgr. secretary of the Archbishop of Prague received our donation of the Congrgacion's replica image of its Patron, the Most Holy Name of the Child Jesus known as the "Nombre".
Returning to the Church of Our Lady Victorious (where the Shrine of the Infant Jesus is located)for Sunday Mass, a special Mass was celebrated by the Carmelite rector of the Shrine with yours truly as Mass server, cantor, reader and extraordinary minister of holy communion. After the Mass the group donated jusi vestments for the Infant Jesus specially designed by Filipino fashion designer Noli Hans (now displayed in the Shrine's museum)and in return received a beautiful vested-porcelain replica of the world famous Infant Jesus of Prague (which is now enshrined at the Violago Chapel at E., Rodriguez Ave. in Q.C., Philippines.At the Sacristy of the Shrine is another replica of the "Nombre" donated earlier by another group of pilgrims led by Tony Adriano. Proceeding to Austria, the Cathedral of St. Stephen was visited and crossing towards the border to Italy, St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, the Duomo of Florence and of course St. Peter's and dozens of churches in Rome were visited by the Group. It was truly a reivitalizing spiritual experience.

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