Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fr. Zerrudo's "Ad Orientem" Mass at the Cuaresma Exhibit

Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo, spiritual adviser of the Ecclesia Dei of St. Joseph was invited to give a recollection during the exhibit of various religious images entitled "Cuaresma" depicting scenes related to the Lenten events on the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the 2nd floor annex building of Harrison Plaza at the back of the Central Bank of the Philippines.
Those who attended were so much enlightened concerning the significance of the Lenten images and are wanting for more insights since it was both a catechetical and apologetic spiritual exercise for them. The recollection lasted for almost three hours capped with the celebration of the Holy Mass "ad orientem" using Latin for most of the ordinary parts of the Mass and with the Gregorian Chant setting of "Missa di Angelis". People were very favorable of the solemn experience since it was something new for the younger generation and nostalgic for the more senior onesgiving them the opportunity to use their old missals and join the familiar chants. It was also a feast for the eyes since Fr. Zerrudo donned his brochade Roman chasuble and birreta which blended well with the altar backdrop of the exhibit.

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