Monday, February 11, 2008

Harrison Plaza "Cuaresma Exhibit" Ad Orientem Mass by Gerald Cenir (courtesy Pro Deo et Patria)

An ad orientem Mass according to the ordinary form was celebrated by Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo last Saturday night at the Cuaresma Exhibit in Harrison Plaza annex building. Fr. Jojo wore the traditional vestments we often see in Tridentine Masses like the laced alb, cincture, stole and roman chasuble (fiddleback). The Mass was unique and memorable for everyone who assisted as it was in the presence of the relics of the True Cross and relics of the Holy Apostles, with the priest and the congregation oriented to the liturgical east facing these sacred relics. The presence of these sacred relics of the cross and the images of the different scenes from the passion of our Lord was a fitting reminder for everyone who assisted that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is indeed making present the great sacrifice of our Lord at Calvary. The Mass was in English while the central part, from the Eucharist Prayer 1 onwards, were in Latin, filled the atmosphere with a depth of mystery and sacredness.

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