Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don Bosco, the Novus Ordo, PNB Solemn High Mass by Armand La Morte (courtesy of Ecclesiadeiphilippines)


The "ordinary" Mass was done "extraordinarily" well! I know the saint who said that, hehehe. Anyway, just to make my comment.

I don't know whether it was an illusion that formed in my mind last night, or probably because of the hundreds of Sto. NiƱo statues, or just plain nostalgia. Yesterday was a very victorious night for the restoration (and "infiltration" ) of Tradition in the Philippines. If it celebrating the Tridentine Mass in a Philippine Cathedral was a great victory, the Tridentine Mass "celebrated" in the Novus Ordo assisted by many of the faithful, certainly is the greater triumph. I can't help but recall the stories of my 75 year-old dad telling me the story of MacArthur's landing in Leyte. It's like Tradition landing to modernist occupied shores of 'liturgical- Leyte' dominated by the 'Axis'. What kuya Dennis kept on saying yesterday "We'll show them how things should be done" was in fact an understatement. From the time that Father proceeded to the altar unto the final hymn, to the time the people rushed to Father to make "mano" and ask him of his blessing, you can see the amazement of the people assisting as if they saw a Marian apparition. A traditional Catholic can feast on the people's enthusiam. Again, I don't know whether it was nostalgia or "malik-mata" but seeing Fr. Zerrudo wearing his biretta, surrounded by so many people makes you imagine how would Don Bosco looked like should he be celebrating Holy Mass in our postmodern times, using the Mass of Paul VI. Gerald and I were saying to each other that Father Jojo looked like Don Bosco reincarnated, hehehe. Again, this was a bold and courageous move on the part of Fr. Zerrudo and the rest of Ecclesia Dei, to bring the liturgical restoration to this part of the Metro. Affirmations and thanks to Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady of Fatima for this astounding achievement. Deo Gratias!

Yun lang poh, and belated ulit kay kuya Dennis.

Instavrare Omnia In Christo,

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