Thursday, January 24, 2008

Solemn Vatican II Mass "Ad Orientem" at the Philippine National Bank Headquarters in honor of the Sto.Nino

The Holy Mass according the Missal of Pope Paul the VI with all solemnity and properly observed rubrics was celebrated in accordance with the wishes of Pope Benedict XVI facing the altar with hundreds of people in attendance and awed by the ceremony. It was held the Grand Banking Hall of the main headquarters of the Philippines National Bank at Diosdado Macapagal Ave. Pasay City. It is the 6th of a series of novena Masses sponsored by the Congregacion del Santisimo Nombre del Nino Jesus in preparation for the feast of the Sto. Nino with the title "El Nombre". The feast annually is observed on the last Sunday of January.

Here is the introduction to the Mass for the awareness of those who attended the January 23 Mass:

Good evening my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, welcome to our Eucharistic celebration. Pope Benedict XVI in his July letter entitled Summorum Pontificum clarifies that the so called Tridentine Latin Mass has never been abrogated nor banned by the Catholic Church and allows priests who wish to celebrate it anytime without the bishop’s permission as the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.

CBCP President Archbishop Angel Lagdameo has in his statement welcomes the Pope’s letter and agrees with it. However, tonight we shall NOT be celebrating the Tridentine Mass but the same Vatican II Mass that we celebrate everyday but in accordance with the recent directives and examples of His Holiness himself Pope Benedict XVI, restoring honor, dignity and solemnity in the celebration of Holy Mass. Vatican II allows the Mass to be celebrated in the local language but retaining if possible the ordinary parts of the Mass in Latin as a sign of unity and universality with Rome; the pre-eminence of the Gregorian Chants and Organ Music.

Pope Benedict XVI as seen in his Mass of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord at the Sistine Chapel two weeks ago clarifies that the Mass may also be celebrated not only facing the people but also the altar as he did that day. We opted tonight to celebrate Mass with the celebrant facing the crucifix and the Sto. Nino as an external sign that he leads us in worshipful offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Congregacion del Stmo. Nombre del Nino Jesus as promoter and preserver of Catholic Culture and Tradition gives us the opportunity tonight to experience a truly God-centered Holy Mass in obedience and accordance with the Pope’s wishes. .
Our celebrant for tonight is Rev, Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo, Parish Priest of Our Lord of Divine Mercy at Sikatuna, Q.C.. He is also a liturgist, Head of the Catechetical Commission of the Diocese of Cubao and the Official Exorcist of the same Diocese. Let us now begin Holy Mass as it is celebrated by the Pope in Rome.

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